HCA Property Management

Whether you're a local owner, investor or moving out of state, HCA Property Management will be there to ensure your investment is in good hands.

When You Hire HCA, We Will: 

·       Screen for Qualified Tenants who will maintain your property and treat it as if it was their own

·       Pull Credit and Conduct Background Checks

·       Draw-up Lease Agreements

·       Ensure Compliance with Fair Housing Laws

·       Manage Repairs and Maintenance

·       Conduct Semi-Annual Inspections with Quarterly Property Checks

·       Oversee and Manage Correspondence between Tenant, Lessor and Service Providers

·       Collect and Disburse Rent Payments

·       Perform a Move-In and Move-Out Checklist

·       Create and Maintain Mandatory Tax Documentation

·       Relist 60 Days Prior to the End of the Lease

·       Prepare Annual Market Property Analysis 

Considering Renting vs. Selling? The Benefits are Invaluable.

 ·      Defer Loss- Renting can defer the loss on a sale that might occur with the current economic market.*

·       Tax Deduction- Some of the top tax deductions are interest on your loan, depreciation, property management fees, repairs,          insurance and homeowner association dues.*

·       Long-Term Savings- Investment property is the only asset class that pays you to save $$. Your renters are paying off your mortgage         and real estate taxes.*

·       Positive Cash Flow- Depending on your circumstance, your rental property has potential to turn a positive cash flow.*

·       Increase Total Net Worth- Investing in and holding rental property is one of the best long-term investments you can make. A rental         investment will help you increase your total net worth.*

*We recommend you consult with your Tax and Accounting Professional.

HCA Property Management will give you confidence that you can trust along with saving you time and money.