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Benefits of Staging

Selling your home fast and for the highest possible price is our goal. You can increase your chances for success if you stage your home before listing it.  Staging a home allows potential buyers to see your property at its best.

Here are some of Joyce’s most used tips for staging your home:

Less is more —  Many buyers have a difficult time looking past clutter and personal belongings.

Neutral will go a long way A neutral coat of paint will do wonders when it comes to selling your home.

Light, Light, and More Light A brighter room feels like a bigger room.  Open up drapes and blinds and let the light shine in!

Landscaping/Curb Appeal First impressions are everything!  Make sure everything is clean tidy and well kept.

Clean as a Whistle Spend time cleaning the interior. Dust, sweep, and vacuum.

Erase the Wear and Tear Go room by room and see if there is anything that needs touch-ups (doors, trim, walls).  This is a small fix that will make a huge impact.

Interested in more tips, tricks, and ideas?  Call Joyce or Jenn at (630) 232-2045.  They will be happy to help you get your home market ready!

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